Insider Look at The Chevrolet Equinox Engine Options

August 10th, 2017 by

Are you ready for a new driving experience that will surpass some of the best technological advancements you’ve seen in a car? Get ready for the 2018 Equinox, a car that is destined to impress you. Here’s what’s in store for the 2018 Equinox engine, along with some key specs and details.

The Engine

The 2018 Equinox offers a fuel experience like never before. With a supped up 1.5L Turbo-Diesel Engine, its driving power is estimated at a whopping 40 MPG on the highway. This 1.5L engine, as opposed to the Equinox’s previous 2.0-liter power-hungry engine, makes a substantial difference when considering both the car’s power and fuel efficiency. In other words, the 2018 Equinox offers a significant bump in power from the previous Equinox model. According to studies done by Chevrolet, you can reach 60 miles per hour in a shocking 7.2 seconds with the 1.5L engine.

All Wheel Drive Integration

Several Equinox models allow drivers to switch between front wheel and all wheel drive. For most cars with this feature, this means the vehicle has built in sensors that automatically transfer power to the rear wheels when low traction is detected. The Equinox takes a different approach, allowing drivers to manually switch between front wheel and all wheel drive by pressing a button located on the gear shift. You’ll then stay in all-wheel drive until you opt out by pressing the button again or until you re-start your car. This is the simplest and smoothest manual all wheel drive integration out there. With this option, you ride will always be smooth. In addition, manual control of rear wheel power has the potential to consume less gas than its automatic counterpart, saving you money.

Manageable Body

Another key attribute of the new 2018 Equinox is that it’s been slimmed down when compared to its predecessor. It’s a full 386 pounds lighter in a front-wheel drive form and 304 pounds lighter in an all-wheel-drive body. This is a shocking difference that reveals fuel-efficiency potential. There is also optimum structure and suspension in this vehicle, which means that the vehicle handles with increased stability despite its lighter weight.

Beautiful Comfort

The 2018 Equinox isn’t popular just for its outstanding engine and specs. The interior is fabulous, too. You’ll love the leather in the premium trim choice. You’ll also appreciate the media station, with the Chevrolet MyLink entertainment system operated by touch sensitivity. Another perk to the 2018 ride is a comfortable cabin interior that includes noise cancellation, so you can enjoy long drives and not be as affected by the noise of the road. Despite the lighter body, the 2018 Equinox also offers more roominess in the back seat.

Are you looking for a comfortable and convenient car that uses innovative ways to save on fuel? You’ll love the 1.5 turbo engine and the various driving choices offered up by the 2018 Equinox. Come in for a test drive at your local Chevrolet and experience the comfort you crave.

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