Go Electric in the Beautifully Sculpted 2017 Chevy Bolt EV

September 28th, 2017 by

It looks like electronic cars are not a passing fad. They’re here to stay. General Motors, the American car company that is over 100 years old, now offers a fantastic battery-electric hatchback car with a driving range of more than 200 miles. What’s even more impressive is that it can be purchased for about the same price of a typical new car. Electric cars are no longer just for alternative lifestyle fanatics. They’re for anyone looking to cut their carbon footprint without sacrificing style. Rick Hendrick Chevrolet loves the new Chevy Bolt EV and encourages you to go electric.

Incredible Range
The electric car has reached a major milestone for the industry, one that changes things forever. It now has a mass appeal to more people because it allows you to travel further than you ever thought possible with just a single charge. The Bolt has a long enough range to cover a typical day’s tasks plus room for the unexpected. The average daily commute in the U.S is only about 40 miles round trip, so the Bolt gives you more than enough range for an average day. In fact, if you live within the 40-mile commute average, you could go three or four days without worrying about plugging in.

An electric car no longer costs much more than regular new cars. The Bolt can now compete on pricing as well, so there’s no good reason to avoid being environmentally friendly. Most new car buyers can fit the Chevy Bolt easily into their budget. It’s the first long-range, affordable electric car from a conventional American automaker.

Fun to Drive
According to the experts and consumer reviews, the Chevy Bolt is swift and fun to drive. It drives relatively well over sections of rough roads. Plus, the acceleration is amazing, going from zero to 60 mph in an impressive 6.5 seconds.

Beautiful Interior
The cabin has a spacious interior, along with a 10.2-inch infotainment touchscreen that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with available 4G LTE Wi-Fi. You’ll love the modern feel and comfortable quiet ride in such a modern sleek design.

Impressive Handling
With just a simple pull of the steering wheel paddle, you can slow down without having to use the brakes. The Bolt’s brilliant design converts the energy into more electricity and then transfers that energy back to the battery. Here’s how it works. When you drive in Low mode, at any speed, you can slow down, or even stop, by just lifting your foot off the accelerator. It takes a little getting used to but it means you use your brakes less while increasing your range. Keep in mind though that you should always use your brake pedal to stop quickly. Safety is always a priority.

Electronic Precision Shift
The electronic precision shift allows you to easily select gears electronically versus manually in a way that is surprisingly responsive. There’s no bulky gear shifter, which makes the interior look incredibly modern and stylish.

The Chevy Bolt has a beautifully designed exterior and spacious comfortable interior. It already has thousands of happy owners with millions of miles behind the wheel. The Bolt EV has definitely reinvented the electric car, so come into the dealership and experience it for yourself.

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