Get Amped for the Georgia Tech Games in Atlanta, GA

October 19th, 2017 by

College football games are exciting, fun, and more than just the game. Georgia Tech plays their home games at Bobby Dodd Stadium right at Grant Field in Atlanta, and one of the best parts of gameday is getting pumped up with other fans before the game. Here are some of the places you can go to get amped for the next Georgia Tech game.

Stats is a restaurant and bar on Marietta St. It sits right next to the stadium, so it is easy to walk to the game after a bite to eat and a few drinks. This place has large TVs at the bar so you can watch the pre-game coverage. Upstairs, there is an open rooftop area where you can sit outside in the nice weather and partake in the delicious food.

Techwood Drive
If you want to tailgate before the big game, then Techwood Drive is the place to go. This is where the most die-hard Georgia Tech alumni fans go before a game, and you’ll see some of the most unusual RVs and vehicles parked here. Everyone heading to the game has to pass this area to get to the stadium, and it is just 200 yards away. There is a deep tradition on Techwood Drive, and each fan who tailgates here treats every game like it is the biggest game of the season.

Ray’s New York Pizza
Ray’s is just a short distance away from the stadium and serves up delicious pizza and drinks. This place offers bucket beer specials if you want to indulge before heading to the game, and there are several TVs throughout the restaurant with various games in progress. Ray’s has two locations, so you can get pizza before the game at their midtown location or at the food court right at Georgia Tech.

Marlow’s Tavern
Marlow’s Tavern on W. Peachtree St. is a great place to get some dinner before the game. The menu offers a wide variety of pub food and some more unusual items if you want to try something different. You are sure to run into other Tech fans gearing up for the game if you stop in at Marlow’s.

Nanotech Parking Lot
The Nanotech Parking Lot is another tailgating option for those who want to get pumped up before the game. You’ll have easy access to campus buildings with facilities to use if you need them, and there is always pregame fun going on. The parking lot is less than a mile from the stadium, and when you park here, you can quickly exit after the game and miss most of the traffic.

No matter how you like to get ready for the game, you can find a place to do it with other Georgia Tech fans. Atlanta has many sports bars where you can get some food and drinks, or you can sit outside and tailgate before, during, and after the game.

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