Four Creepy Places in Atlanta, GA for a Real Fright

October 9th, 2017 by

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to get a good scare in the Atlanta area. The long and rich history of the city means that it has older homes and buildings that many believe have spirits living in them. Here are some of the creepiest places in Atlanta to get a real fright.

Rhodes Hall
Rhodes Hall on Peachtree Street NW is a large home built in 1902 by a wealthy furniture business owner named Amos Rhodes. The home now serves as the headquarters for The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and is a popular spot for weddings. Locals believe that Mrs. Rhodes, who died in the home, now haunts it, and others have reported seeing what they describe as a dark shadow man in the basement.

In addition to Mrs. Rhodes and the shadow, there have also been reports of giggling children and footsteps and lights that turn on and off on their own. Visitors have also heard voices.

The Thornton House
The Thornton House is one of the oldest homes in Atlanta, but it’s also considered one of the most haunted. After several moves, the house now sits in Stone Mountain Park and has the ghost of a preteen girl. Many people have seen this young girl on the staircase, and she has even pulled on the hair of teenage girls who visit the house. The staff says that when the girl appears there are cold spots and breezes that they cannot explain, and she has even blown out candles in the home.

Meadow Nook
Meadow Nook is an 1856 era home built by Colonel Robert A Alson. Now owned by Charlie and Sylvia Harrison, the house still has the presence of the Colonel. Although the ghost of Alson is pleasant most of the time, there have been times when he smashed dishes in the kitchen or opened cabinet doors to reveal items of the Harrison’s that they thought were lost. Several guests have also reported seeing an apparition of the ghost that the Harrisons refer to as “The Colonel.”

Ellis Hotel
The Ellis Hotel is the site of a 1946 fire that killed 119 people. Many people jumped out of the windows to escape the fire, while others burned to death. With so many horrific deaths in one place, the hotel is now one of the most haunted places in Atlanta.

Guests of the hotel report see ghosts and hearing the screams of women and children in the fire. The fire alarms are also known to go off at 2:48 a.m., which is the time that the fire started in 1946. Some guests report smelling smoke in the middle of the night and seeing faces peering out of the hotel’s windows.

Atlanta is a city rich in history, and these haunted places are some of the most intriguing. You can visit each of the sites to check out the ghosts for yourself, and even stay at the Ellis Hotel to catch a glimpse of one.

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