Five Tips on How to Drive in Atlanta Traffic Like a Pro

January 11th, 2018 by

Over the past several years, the population in the Atlanta metro area has exploded, resulting in more drivers on the road during rush hour. Whether you grew up in Atlanta or you are new to the area, it is difficult to navigate the roads during busy times. Here are some tips for driving in traffic and how to get through it like a pro.

Rush Hour

The morning rush hour in Atlanta starts as early as 4 a.m., and it can last as late as 10 a.m., but the worst of it begins around 6 or 7 a.m. In the evening, you can expect the worst traffic from 3:30 p.m. to at late as 7:30 p.m. This is a long stretch of time when the roads stay congested, so if you do not want to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic, avoid the highways during the busy times.

Get a Traffic App

The best way to find out how bad the traffic is before you leave home or work is by using a traffic app. The WSB-TV traffic app has real-time information about the roads, or you can use Waze to find out what your best route is. Waze uses crowdsourced data from drivers out on the road to help you find the quickest way to your destination, and it will reroute you if it finds a better way once you are on the road. It can also help you avoid any issues that increase traffic problems, such as accidents or road work.

Do Not Travel on the Inside Right Lane

Many of the inside right lanes on Atlanta freeways turn into exit-only routes, and they do not give you much notice before it happens. If you get stuck in one of these lanes, you might have no choice but to get off the freeway in an area that you are not familiar with and then find your way back onto it. If you stay in the middle lanes until you know when your exit is coming, you will be much better off.

Be Patient

Everyone stuck in the traffic is in the same boat as you so be patient. You will get to your destination eventually. Make sure to plan ahead and leave plenty of extra time if you have to travel during rush hour. Download a podcast to listen to or create a playlist of your favorite music and use the time to decompress after a long day of work.

Stay Alert

Keep in mind that you are not the only driver out on the roads. It is essential to stay alert even when driving in stop-and-go traffic. Fender benders happen when you let your guard down and stop paying attention to the people around you. Make sure to keep a good amount of space between you and the car in front of you so there is plenty of time to stop.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you have to drive in Atlanta rush-hour traffic. This exciting city is growing fast, and it has the traffic jams to prove it.

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