How to Check Transmission Fluid

Knowing how to check the transmission fluid in your car can help ensure it’s always at the right level and of good quality for the overall health of your vehicle. The transmission is the component that propels your car forward on Lawrenceville roads, so it’s important to know how to maintain it. Join the service pros from Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Duluth as we teach you how to check transmission fluid, below!

Checking Transmission Fluid: Step-by-Step Guide

These step-by-step instructions will help even the most novice Suwanee car owners better understand how to check transmission fluid. Read on to learn just how easy checking transmission fluid at home can be:

  1. Before starting on the next steps, turn your engine on for just a few minutes to warm it up. Double-check that you’re in park before turning the engine back off and exiting your car to open the hood.
  2. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick. You’ll typically find it just to the right of the oil dipstick on front-wheel-drive cars, but your owner’s manual should tell you its location if you’re having trouble.
  3. Remove the transmission fluid dipstick and touch the fluid, moving it around between your thumb and forefinger. It should be almost clear, with a pink tinge to it. If the fluid appears dirty or emits a noticeable burnt smell, it’s time for a full transmission fluid replacement.
  4. Next, wipe the dipstick clean with an old rag, then reinsert it in its holder. Remove it once more, this time to check the actual fluid level. If it falls under the “Full” marker, you’ll need to top it off.
  5. Use a funnel to bring the fluid level up to the right spot. Be sure not to overfill it.

If you have any trouble while checking transmission fluid using these steps, please don’t hesitate to call us for guided help. Whether you finish your transmission fluid check on your own or you decide to bring your vehicle in to see us, we’re here for you.

How to Check Transmission Fluid With a Sealed Transmission

Can’t seem to locate a transmission fluid dipstick anywhere under the hood? Your car might be equipped with a sealed transmission. In this case, “sealed” doesn’t equate to “inaccessible.” It just tells you that there isn’t a dipstick you can use to check the fluid level. If your car has a sealed transmission, it’s best to entrust experienced service techs like those at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Duluth to perform the transmission fluid check.

When to Check the Fluid in a Sealed Transmission

Why do some cars use a sealed transmission? It’s designed to limit the amount of wasted transmission fluid, leading to long-term savings for Johns Creek drivers! Eventually, though, the transmission fluid in a sealed transmission will still require replacement. Here are the warning signs to watch for:

  • You’re noticing strange noises when the gears change.
  • The gears hesitate before changing.
  • When you accelerate, there’s a noticeable delay when the gears shift.

How Often Do You Check Your Transmission Fluid?

All of your car’s fluid levels should be checked once per month. This includes not just checking transmission fluid, but also power steering fluid and engine oil. Your owner’s manual will give you an exact maintenance schedule for your make and model.

Transmission Fluid Facts

To help you better understand your transmission as you approach an at-home transmission fluid check, review these quick facts:

  • Like engine oil, transmission fluid is not all the same. There are different types for newer vehicles, manual transmissions, and automatic transmissions. Again, you can consult your owner’s manual for an exact recommendation.
  • Does your car have a manual transmission? Be prepared to jack it up in order to access a plug underneath the car when you want to check the transmission fluid. Many Duluth drivers find that it’s easiest to schedule service with us in this case.
  • Is your vehicle hesitating before shifting gears? This isn’t just annoying, but it may also point to a serious issue. Check the fluid level first to see if it’s low, but if it’s fine, you’ll want to schedule service without delay.
  • Transmission fluid should be fully replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Why such a large interval? It can vary greatly depending on your driving habits and transmission type, among other factors.

Schedule a Transmission Fluid Check

We’ve detailed how to check transmission fluid on your own, but if you ultimately prefer to let our professionals handle your transmission fluid check, you can always schedule a service appointment. Our expert service techs can handle all manners of transmission service and more. Contact us with questions and be sure to consult our service specials for maintenance savings!

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