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Rebuild America Auto Program in Duluth, GA

Are you interested in learning about an exciting new program that can help you finance your car? If you're interested, you can find R.A.A.P. customer testimonials as well as more details on the Rebuild America Auto Program right here on our site. If you would like to apply, go ahead and fill out our Finance Application right online.

Or, if you still have questions, feel free to give one of our Rebuild America Auto Program Team Credit Analysts a call at: (877) 463-4709.

Rebuild America Auto Program

Rick Hendrick Chevrolet (RHC) is proud to announce that we are one of three participating licensed franchise dealerships in Georgia with the "Rebuild America Auto Program" RHC understands that these are tough time and we are here to help. We recently signed with several banks that specialize in Bankruptcies, Repos and Foreclosures. We have access to over 46 banks nationwide that understand credit issues and work diligently on America's credit epidemic. These are banks that understand America needs help in rebuilding our wealth.

At RHC we understand that the majority of Americans have some credit issues. Americans who once had great credit are now at the mercy of the large banks. Some car dealers and most banks do not even want to speak to someone with credit problems let alone major credit issues. Some customers are sometimes put through hoops, are not listened to, and sometimes are completely disregarded. At times, customers are forced to go to a "Buy Here Pay Here" dealership to buy cars that franchise dealerships send to auction because of poor unreliable conditions. Here they buy an older car with ridiculous miles and the financial institution doesn't even report to the progress to the Credit Bureau.

We at RHC have employed a noncommissioned team that is dedicated to putting in as much time as needed to help you get approved. These employees are not salesman. They do not get paid commissions; they are salary employees, so their only interest is in the customer. With the partnership of RHC and the special finance banks, the "Rebuild America Team" can get you out this vicious cycle and start you on your way to recreating the credit you once had and the confidence of driving a reliable vehicle (most with a warranty).

"Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Promise"

RHC will make a "promise" to the consumer. We will not do the same as the other dealership with fake promises and false hopes. At RHC, we DO NOT promise that you are definitely approved. We DO NOT promise that we have the best deals. What WE DO promise is that we will try everything in our power to get help get you approved and that you will be treated with the same respect and attention as any other customer. All resources will be exhausted before you go somewhere else.

At RHC we take the time to sit down with you on a consultation and go over the best strategy in helping you get a vehicle. We have vehicles we specifically buy under the direction of the lenders for the Rebuild America Program" that will help you, the customer, on rebuilding your credit. Let us help you or someone know get out of this vicious cycle. If you know anyone who needs the attention and help of rebuilding their credit and getting a vehicle loan we will give you a referral fee of $100 after they purchase.

Call our Bankruptcy Hotline. We specialize in getting tough credit situations financed through the banks. When other Dealerships say NO we say YES. Avoid Buy Here Pay Here dealerships who don't report your positive to the Credit Bureau. START REBUILDING YOUR CREDIT NOW.